Hunger-killers, Appetizers

Home-smoked goose liver, red onion jam and home-made bread   milk bottle 01 3480 Ft
Beef Tartar with toast 3590 Ft
Eggplant spread and chick-pea spread und hausgemachtem Brot 2490 Ft

Spoonfuls of delicacies

Flap mushroom cream soup with smoked gooseliver   1890 Ft
Flap mushroom cream soup   1390 Ft
Smoked feet and sausage morsels  milk bottle 01 Small: 1080 Ft Big: 1590 Ft
Granny’s broth (oxtail soup, served with horseradish)  milk bottle 01 Small: 1080 Ft Big: 1590 Ft
Goulash soup from beef cheek  milk bottle 01 Small 1080 Ft Big: 1590 Ft


"Falusi süveges" (Rustic fried porkchop, stuffed with ham, mushrooms, cheese and bacon with spicy potatoes)

3190 Ft
Fried pork slice, A la „Sárköz” with French fries  milk bottle 01 2890 Ft
Homely porkchop withspicypotatoes 3290 Ft
Split-roasted pork cutlets with baked potatoes and coleslaw  milk bottle 01 2990 Ft
Cooked and smoked leg of pork roasted served with sour cream cabbage and red beet horseradish 3190 Ft
Honey-chili roasted beef tenderloin with chive mashed potatoes   gluten 01 3190 Ft


Pink roasted duck breast with red cabbage puree and chive mashed potatoes   gluten 01 3690 Ft
Fried chicken breast with crispy fried eggplant, home-made cow milk cheese and basil tomatoes   gluten 01 3190 Ft
Parmesan crusted chicken with Italian basil and tomato penne pasta 2990 Ft
Goose liver fried in own fat, garnished with mashed potatoes, arugula and beetroot 4390 Ft
Goose liver with milk loaf and sour cherry jam with red beet 3190 Ft

Beef dishes

„Szász*szép” Mixed grill platter with cranberry jam and apple croquette 5490 Ft
Pepper crusted fillets of sirloin with green beans, sweet potatoes and cinder potatoes  milk bottle 01   gluten 01 4690 Ft

Chump chop with a side of your choice:  milk bottle 01   gluten 01

  • Green pepper sauce
  • Hunter’s ragout
  • Fried onion rings
4690 Ft
Chump chop with Hunter’s ragout:  milk bottle 01   gluten 01 5390 Ft
„Szász-burger” (beef meat cake, cheddar cheese, bacon, salad, tomato, dressing) 2990 Ft

Fish dishes

Honey-roasted salmon fillet with citrus salad  milk bottle 01   gluten 01 3890 Ft
Whole roasted pike perch fish with roasted vegetables  milk bottle 01 3590 Ft

Game dishes

Wild boar tenderloin with flap mushroom pasta 4890 Ft
Venison in game sauce with bread dumplings 4190 Ft

On the lighter side

Breaded homemade cow milk cheese with steamed rice and tartar sauce 2650 Ft
Smoked and roasted hand-made cow milk cheese with salad 2650 Ft
Baked nut crusted camembert from the Bakony region, served with apple-potato rolls and cranberry jam
Chicken breast salad   gluten 01 2350 Ft
Green salad with beets, apples, and soft cheese 2750 Ft
Smoked salmon with citrus fruits (smoked salmon, lettuce, lime, grapefruit, orange, honey, lemon)  milk bottle 01   gluten 01 2890 Ft

Ready-to-serve dishes

Rooster testicle stew with farm noodles  milk bottle 01
3390 Ft
Beef neck stew with farm boodles  milk bottle 01 3190 Ft


Gooddies for kids

Fried cheesebites with steamed rice and tartar sauce 1750 Ft
Fried chicken breast with mashed potatoes and ketchup 1750 Ft

Desserts and sweets

Bowl of homemade ice-cream   gluten 01
990 Ft
Profiterol 890 Ft
Pancakes ,"gundel" 890 Ft
Tiramisu 990 Ft
Crepes filled with poppy seed cream served with plums soaked in Kadarka winel 890 Ft
Brownie with ice-cream
1190 Ft


Tomato salad
690 Ft
Cucumber salad with or without sour cream 690 Ft
Cabbage salad
590 Ft
Home made coleslaw 590 Ft
Mixed green salad
790 Ft

Dishes for two or four

Szászdish 2 people 7900 Ft 4 people15.800 Ft


Steamed rice 590 Ft
Steamed potatoes 690 Ft
Sesoned fried potatoes 690 Ft
French fires 690 Ft
Parley potatoes 690 Ft
Mashed potatoes 690 Ft
Grilled vegetables 990 Ft


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